Always believe! Barista Diego Campos is taking Colombia to Seattle

Diego Campos competing to become the World Barista Champion 2015

If there were an Olympics for coffee preparation, this would be it.  Every year, representatives from over 40 countries – from Norway to Japan, and yes, to Colombia – compete for the title of World Barista Champion.  This year, from April 9-12th, those in the know from the caffeinated world converge on Seattle for all the action. The pressure and competition is tough, as baristas (more…)
Amor Perfecto Coffee Syphon

Roasting only the best beans

This season is an exciting kind of harvest. We are travelling back from Paris AVPA gourmet conference with a heavy luggage: 2 gold medals and 1 silver.
Paris award Best Coffee of Origin

Paris award Best Coffee of Origin

PASTILLE-SIMPL-ARG-2015 copie (1) Earlier in the year we were nominated for the 'Barra 2015' prize. While these are all very important achievements, the more important part for us is that you the consumer helped us stand out. By voting for us as one of the most enjoyable places in the Barra magazine by participating so actively and sharing our excitement in social media. We are lucky to have you. Thank you so much!
BogotaBarista Jam 2015

Calling all Bogota baristas!

The coffee lovers are uniting this weekend under our roof to celebrate what they love most - coffee! 27 June 2015 is a National Day of Coffee in Colombia and we are taking this celebration seriously. About 200 folks are expected to gather in our brand new warehouse in the bohemian district of Bogota with live music and lots of prizes. Barista Jam, a relatively recent concept, is primarily borrowed from the music industry. Normally it signifies a gathering of like-minded artists to improvise together doing what they do best. Well for us the baristas - we are making it a relaxed day of friendly coffee matches, pulling espresso shots, decorating capuccinos with silkiest cream patterns, and discussing what's new in the coffee industry. Because Amor Perfecto is recognized as one of a kind center of barista excellence, we also want to make this about sharing the knowledge we were lucky to gather around best coffee. So two of our most recent champions Diego Campos '14 and Nicolas Rico '13 will share their experience of training as professional baristas and key factors to achieving success. In one word, Barista Jam is about celebrating a profession that is yet to be officially recognized in a number of countries. We are hosting it at no cost, because we strive to create a passionate, driven community that always seeks to perfect its skill, no matter the coffee house in question. In the end, it is our collective effort that makes specialty coffee happen, never one person.


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